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19th-Jun-2006 01:21 pm - Official Requests Post!
Stray Cat in Tyre

R E Q U E S T I N G   R U L E S
~ Unless stated otherwise, all requests NOT made as a comment to THIS post will be ignored/deleted.
~ Provide as much detail about what you want when making a request. Pictures/text are very helpful!
~ PLEASE state in your request if you mind the icon/graphic being sharable or not. I prefer things without particular names.usernames/etc. being sharable, but I won't post the request for everyone's use if you absolutely don't want anyone else using it.
~ All other rules for things taken from this journal are to be followed, please and thank you.
~ I do requests when I have the time and inclination, so there are no guarantees of when your request will be done. I have a busy home life, and interests aside from graphics manipulation. It's just the way it is.
~ If I can't or won't do a particular request, I'll reply to the comment stating so. Otherwise, I'll work on it, and let you know when it will be done and where you can get it.
~ These rules are subject to change based on my time, interest, and any problems or issues that come up.

Thanks! =o)
30th-May-2006 12:37 pm - R U L E S
Stray Cat in Tyre
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30th-May-2006 12:19 pm - L I N K I N G   I M A G E S
Stray Cat in Tyre
Linking buttons and banners are below, if you'd like to use them to link to aehallhgraphics.

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30th-May-2006 12:04 pm - A F F I L I A T E S
Stray Cat in Tyre
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Comment on this post if you'd like to become an affiliate and I'll get back to you ASAP.
30th-May-2006 12:04 pm - A W A R D S
Stray Cat in Tyre
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